Body Treatments

These delicious treatments will leave your skin baby soft and smelling incredible. Experience the healing benefits of our clay not just for the face but for the body too.


This cleansing back treatment addresses those hard to reach areas and draws out impurities. Begins with hot aromatic towels for a thorough deep pore cleansing followed with clay exfoliation and finishes with a gentle cleansing massage using our signature seaweed wash. This natural clay exfoliation provides a healthy recharge for the skin. The clay is applied with a delicate hand bringing a healthy glowing effect. This light moisturizing back massage and a nourishing masque is ideal for men and women!
50 minutes/ $60.00

HAND & ARMS (with clay)

This relaxing hands and arms treatment starts with hot aromatic towels to bring the dead cells to the surface and to nourish the cuticle. The clay masque is then applied over the arms/hands bringing up the dead skin. A splash of warm water and massage follows. A potent blend of plant and nut oils in our Vitamin Complex Oil provides a moisturizing nourishing finish. Sun damage and age spots are reduced leaving the skin silky smooth.
30 minutes/ $45

GROUNDED FEET (with clay)

clay foot treatment

Plunge your feet into an herbal tea foot soak and massage bath. Next, experience the clay on the feet and legs, smoothing and softening. Hot towels cleanse and restore. Relieve stress and tension with a luxurious application of Myrtle Leaf hydrating mist (blissful day) and a vitamin complex oil, and hydrating creme finish. Delicious! 30 minutes/ $40


Our Ayuvedic Kansa treatment utilizes a small tool that is applied gently across the skin surface for a soothing experience. The Kansa is applied so client can deeply relax followed by a luxurious facial masque, hand/arm massage and final cleanse and hydration. Even sensitive skin can experience this tool moving into and around the areas where most tension can release for a calming finish.  45 minutes/ $60

  • Tension Release
  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Stress
  • Experience Rejuvenation
  • Move Sluggish Lymph