This clay facial treatment includes a clay exfoliation followed by Myrtle Leaf cucumber mist with amazing antioxidant power, a nourishing Vitamin Complex oil drench, offering vitamin C to help restore the skin’s balance. Finishing with Myrtle Leaf Restored Radiance Hydrating Serum plus an application of Holy Grail Oil around eyes and lips. The result offers a profound improvement in the overall health and firmness of the skin leaving it glowing. A complimentary hand massage with Scents of Well-Being Oil Blend accompanies this service. You will be radiant.
75 minutes/ $95
45 minutes/ $50


This gentle cleanse and hydration using Rosemilk, our sulfate free cleansing milk, removes excess oils and makeup. Enjoy the gentle Kansa Wand followed by soothing warm towels. After assessing your particular skin’s needs, natural organic products are especially selected and delivered in a slow, gentle luxurious and restorative ceremony. This Ayuvedic focused facial treatment relaxes and re-hydrates. An offering for the eyes and lips, our pure Sunstone, Sapphire or Ruby Facial oils offer nutrients needed to minimize fine lines and maximize healthy tissue. Your mind-body and complexion is restored and refreshed.
50 minutes (without clay)/ $75


Safe for all skin types. After assessing your skin, we will begin with a cleansing and nourishing facial treatment that includes our signature clay. Designed especially for mature skin this exfoliating treatment is formulated to soothe redness and irritation, cool inflammation, and return hydration and balance. The final choice of mists and moisturizing oils encourage moisture back into the skin. Your face will feel softer, fine lines and pores are less noticeable. A more glowing complexion awaits.
75 minutes/ $95
Custom Mini Facial 45 min/ $50


The buzz is honey with this skin rejuvenating facial. It begins with clay exfoliation of the face and decollete that offers deep cleansing. Beauty begins with clean skin. Dirt, oil, and bacteria clog the pores and does not allow the skin to perform important functions, such as breathing and expelling toxins. This facial delivers a harvest of delicious ingredients and includes six enriching elements: eye treatment (renewing), lip treatment (lush), scalp massage (replenishing), hand and arm massage (luxurious), foot and calf massage (restorative), and decollete treatment (smoothing). You receive a wonderful rosemilk cleanse and “Blissful Day” spritz. The combination treatment provides your most vibrant, radiant skin with a wake up call. Exceptional for all types of skin. (Incorporates our signature clay and our Mrytle Leaf Skincare line.)
80 minutes/ $110


This gentle eye treatment aids in the eliminating puffiness, decreasing dark circles, easing fine lines around the delicate eye area. It’s the perfect add-on to any facial.
20 minutes (eye area only)/ $25


Find out for yourself what a relaxing experience it is to have a facial! Unsure of your skin type or not satisfied with your current home skincare regimen? Following your facial, enjoy a free skin consultation to help you decide which at home products are best for your skin. A few steps and five minutes at home can have an amazing effect on your skin.
75 minutes/ $90


A facial offers essential renewal and replenishment to your skin. Our spa boutique is not just for women. No matter your gender, when your skin is nourished and refreshed you feel better about yourself and the world around you. It is the calming touch, the hot towels, the vitality of pure ingredients that will surprise you.