Bring your spa experience home.

Harsh chemical laden products can damage your skin and spirit. That is why Joan Barlow has selected each organic product to complement the all natural bentonite clay used by Native Springs and bring out the natural beauty of your skin. Native Spring’s holistic skin care products are matched to your unique skin condition to immerse you in healing and peace.

The Myrtle Leaf


Pure and Natural.  The Myrtle Leaf products are handmade in small batches several times per week. This means that the products available for sale are uniquely fresh.  At The Myrtle Leaf, it is not unusual for a product to be made the same day it is ordered. In a market where there is tremendous misunderstanding about the purity and use of essential oils, The Myrtle Leaf stands out for its integrity and expertise in the use of pure essential oils in skin care. The Myrtle Leaf preservatives – grapefruit seed extract and vitamins A, C & E – are powerful antioxidants needed to protect the skin from free radical damage. The key to the superior effectiveness of The Myrtle Leaf products is purity.

Calcium Bentonite Clay

bar of calcium bentonite clay

Our source for the calcium bentonite clay is Pascalite.  It can be best classified as a calcium bentonite/montmorillonite of the non-swelling type. It’s categorized as a white clay but this unique mineral is actually cream-colored. The clay we use in our treatments is found at 8600 feet in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains.  The first recorded use of Pascalite was in the early 1930s when a trapper named Pascal set his traps near a cold, clear mountain lake, where the large number of animal tracks attested to the spot’s popularity. Next to the lake was an outcropping of a whitish, cheese-like substance, with which his chapped hands got coated.  Deciding against washing the substance off in the icy lake, he waited until he returned to his cabin. To Pascal’s surprise, when he did wash the substance off, the chapping appeared to be better.  Pascal and his friends experimented with the substance, which seemed to have some very interesting properties, indeed. One of these friends was Ray Pendergraft, of Worland, who became partner in the tiny Pascalite mine, currently our clay balm and soap source

Holy Grail

HOLY GRAIL contains 100% pure essential oils in a carrier base of Organic Jojoba Oil. Holy Grail is loaded with an array of all natural ingredients needed for healthy skin and hair. Jojoba oil is similar to the natural oils found in our body and helps reinforce collagen and delay skin wrinkling. Therefore, Holy Grail is a good treatment for those with; mature, aging, wrinkly, or dry skin. Holy Grail smells amazing and has an aromatherapy effect that will calm your soul and soothe your senses!